G-Diggers Nicke Nyfiken

Nicke was my first poodle, A once in a life time boy. I was planning to get a dog, a Grand Danios (A real dog for a real man) was my chose, I had actually had already ordered one from an famous kennel. At that time I was traveling every day with the commuter train, and Nicke was also going on that train with his owner. The owner had get Nicke to be his next super dog in Agility.(Google on G-Diggers and Agility and you will understand why) But Nicke went to be oversized to 43cm (in these days the limit to be Large in Agility were 40cm).. So Nicke was to be sold to.. I brought him as a youngster, and I´am so happy for that. We had 8 wonderful years together.

Nicke was put to sleep at the to early time at the age of 9 year old, he will always be in my mind.

My beloved Nicke rest in peace!

Link to Nicke´s pedigree



Norcopia Agde
At the age of 15 weeks

Norcopia Algier

At his new owner, 16 weeks old

Norcopia Asbjørg

With her new owner. First show at 18 weeks.